Group Therapy

You're not alone anymore

Tending the Soul:
Self-Healing in Community

You might not be able, or want, to commit to individual therapy. But you still want to grow and heal. You’re self-motivated, love to learn how to get from here to there and then blaze your own trail. Tending the Soul is for you.

From my years of experience as a trauma therapist, I’ve developed a toolkit of self-healing practices and skills that you can learn in a group setting, with weekly 90-minute coaching calls, weekly meditation offerings, and ongoing contact with a loving community of others who are on the path as well.

You’ll learn how to practice more self-compassion, calm and re-regulate your nervous system, process stress and traumatic material to lower your stress baseline, and become your own best friend. 

Tending the Soul has an 8-week curriculum and runs twice a year.

Investment: $95 per session. Participants commit to pay for all 8 sessions, whether or not they attend. 

Where and When

Coming soon! Join the waitlist below to learn more and register when the next round of Tending the Soul launches in September 2024.

Tending the Soul

Week 1:
the basic

Learn how trauma works in the body, and a few essential tools that we’ll utilize throughout our journey.

Week 2:
"Being with"
your self

Learn how to become a compassionate witness to your experience, without getting swept up in the emotions that arise.

Week 3:

Learn how to meditate in a way that allows your brain to heal present and past stress, and begin a daily regular practice.

Week 4:

Learn how to recognize signs that you are regulated or dysregulated, and tools to regulate your emotions and physical sensations.

Week 5:

Learn how to become your own loving parent, a source of security and attunement within yourself that’s available at all times.

Week 6:
help your
brain heal

Learn how to digest and process past and present traumas, upsetting events, and other difficult emotions or memories.

Week 7:
alone or not

Learn why being with another when you’re dysregulated can be a source of healing, and learn how to be a source of healing for another. 

Week 8:
Review &

We’ll review all the tools, celebrate our successes, and talk about how you can continue on your self-healing journey.

can't quit us?

Gather Up:
An Ongoing Support Circle for Tending the Soul graduates

Tending the Soul is designed to give you the tools to do your own healing, in your own time and on your own terms. Not everyone wants, or can afford the time and expense of weekly individual therapy, but everyone deserves to heal and grow.

However. Once you’ve tasted the sweetness of gathering on the regular, supporting one another on the path, grieving losses and celebrating successes together,  you might just decide that you want more of that.

Gather Up is a biweekly, 90-minute closed group for women who have already learned the tools from Tending the Soul. I take care to cultivate a group that is highly motivated and community-oriented. If someone isn’t the right fit, I offer referrals to other support resources. This is a group for those who are committed to lifting themselves and each other UP.

Investment: $95 per session.