Individual Therapy

One-on-one sessions that bring you back to center, and give you the tools to stay there long after our time together.

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What issues do you address?

Trauma is not actually about what happened, but how that experience caused an over-activation of energy in your body and brain. If you didn’t have a safe way to process that energy, it can get stuck in your system and stay “reactivatable” later in life. 

I combine traditional talk therapy with somatic and brain-based therapies, so you can heal past trauma and make your brain and nervous system more resilient against future stress.

Burnout is a unique kind of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. If you’re feeling apathetic, cynical, or like things will never get better, you’re probably burned out. 

I’ll teach you powerful tools and practices to help you deal only only with the stressors in your life, but the physiological reactions your body has to those stressors.

If you’re having problems with relationships, individual therapy can help you discover and address what might be happening on your end of things and how you can have more successful relationships in every area of your life. Whether your difficulties are with family, friends, bosses, coworkers, or your intimate partner, it is possible for you to feel more connected and relationally empowered.

Anxiety is a complex mental health issue with cognitive, emotional, and physiological aspects. I work with you in a holistic way to become less anxiety-sensitive, challenge your thoughts and beliefs causing anxiety, and soothe yourself when anxiety arises.

Depression may be caused by trauma, unbridled negative self-talk, family-of-origin dysfunction, and/or biochemical imbalances. We’ll work together to help you better understand the source(s) of your depression, and address them holistically.

Hi. It's you.

Let me wax rhapsodic for a minute about my ideal client:

You value your growth and development. Not everyone does, and that’s okay. But you have always been someone who has wanted to be at your best, and you’re willing to invest in yourself.

You strive for excellence and probably have a high-achieving, high-stress career where you’re challenged (which you love) and, because you’re so competent, constantly asked to take on more (which you don’t love).

You probably grew up in a home that felt “normal” growing up, but now that you’re grown you can tell that you didn’t get what other people got. Your parents did their best, but left you feeling unseen and having to be grown up way too soon. They likely also passed on their own unresolved trauma as well. You walk through life feeling like your outsides don’t match your insides, and wondering when everyone else will figure out who you really are.

Individual Therapy | Clifton NJ Trauma Therapist

The Process

It’s crucial that you feel that your therapist really gets you, so I encourage you to meet with a few and make sure you feel good. Likewise, I look for certain qualities in a client to ensure that we’ll work well together. In our initial consultation, we’ll feel it out. If it’s not the right fit, no worries; I’m always happy to provide other referrals. 

Once we know this is a good fit for us both, we commit to the process and get your initial appointment on the books. I truly believe that your healing begins the moment you say yes. 

At our first few appointments, I’ll gather a full history so we can identify our goals, and begin to make connections to present pain points and their connections to your past. 

Pretty early in our sessions, we’ll empower you to start using targeted tools & practices in your daily life, so you can manage your stress and energy levels more effectively. You’ll also learn about how your early experiences have controlled you from behind the scenes, giving you the power of insight and choice. 

As we continue our work together you’ll see shifts in your life: self-confidence will increase, and self-care will become non-negotiable. You’ll find yourself becoming more centered and responsive to the events in your life that used to send you over the edge. Relationships will feel richer and more rewarding. Burnout and reactivity will fade as you find yourself flourishing.  

We’ll discuss opportunities for building community around you as you heal and grow. Group therapy and intensive retreats are available if you want to fast-track your progress. 

We’ll work our way from healing to maintenance, meeting more infrequently as you integrate all the work you’ve done. We’ll celebrate your successes as you phase out of treatment at your own pace. 

Self-Care Coaching for Therapists Near Me

Unresolved childhood trauma can manifest in many ways, including:

• low energy, exhaustion & burnout 
• repeating the same patterns over and over in your romantic relationships despite your attempts to “do it differently this time”
• trouble saying no or maintaining healthy boundaries
• addiction issues — using alcohol, drugs, food, sex, or people to comfort yourself or numb out uncomfortable feelings
• a harsh inner critic that keeps you from fully enjoying your success
• low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, and a tendency to overwork in order to prove your worth
• feeling “tired but wired”, having trouble relaxing or resting


The good news? You don’t have to keep feeling this way.